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Discover Exactly What She Wants To Hear:
Read Her Mind As Easily As You Read This Letter...
(No More "Guessing" - Ever Again!)

By Benjamin Kennedy Jr.,
Special to OpenHerBox.com
New York City, New York 10007
January 23, 2018 - Updated

Dear Friend,

On February 6, 2010, three corrupt researchers discovered a "loophole" in the female mind.

My name is Benjamin. And I'm writing this letter because you'll never read about this research in the paper... hear about it on the news... and this is the most you'll ever read about it on the internet. Yet this tiny piece of science is the key to as much intense, passionate sex as you can handle.

"Because This Loophole Allows Any Man
To Read A Woman's Thoughts
As If They Were Written On Paper..."

Even if you've "trained" with these techniques for less than one hour.

A leading Harvard Psychologist, 19 major corporations (such as GE, The Wharton School of Business and even The US Army) as well as this Ph.D. professor from UCLA all use this research for themselves:

"The Most Insightful Science I've Seen In YEARS...

… And those corrupt scientists tested over 1,026 women in The United States, so far. So the science is real, and proven.

Thanks to this breakthrough...

"You Can Get A Phone Number,
A Date Or Even A
First Kiss With ANY Woman
In 5 Minutes Or Less..."

Here's exactly how it works:

Pick a girl that you like RIGHT NOW.   Be careful what you wish for - make absolutely certain it would be OK if she was helplessly in love with you and chasing you...

You say one of the three "attraction boosters." Three easy sentences proven to make a woman more sexually attracted to you. (They trigger the chemical Oxytocin in her brain - a bonding chemical also shot into her blood when she has an orgasm)

You ask her three common questions. Then you listen. That's all the talking you need to do.

You follow a few step by step directions. You get her phone number, a date or even a kiss in under 5 minutes. It's that simple. Are the directions difficult? No, they're not. They work on her mind and on her body... so... You create a ton of trust, love and attraction, with just a little elbow grease.

Best of all...

"You Can Also Use These 4 Effortless Steps
To Get A Girlfriend, Wife Or Even
A Hot, Sweaty One Night Stand..."

You can turn ANY woman into your wife, girlfriend or hot and sweaty one night stand using the same three questions you asked her, above.

You'll follow the exact same steps. You walk into a bar or club. You see a woman who turns you on. You ask her those same, common questions. You turn her into your girlfriend... wife... or even a hot one night stand.

Best of all – You make the call. Not her.

  • You'll never "slum" for ugly women - you only talk to women who turn you on.
  • You'll never worry about "chemistry" – when she answers your questions, you follow the directions. Science guarantees she'll be turned on by you.
  • You'll never lose "the spark." And your relationship will never go "stale." Because... again... science and psychology take care of the heavy lifting: You just ask her the questions, then listen to her answers.

But that's not all...

"You Can Also Radiate Confidence Just Like An Alpha Male, And Never Get Rejected Again..."

You'll say exactly what she wants to hear, next...
You'll "make your move" at the exact right moment...
You'll give her an intense, toe curling orgasm... and shoot even MORE of the chemical Oxytocin into her blood stream...

… All because you asked her the right three questions. And then followed a few crystal clear directions.

You'll get the girl every time, when you treat her the way she wants to be treated. And these common questions tell you how she wants to be treated, in crystal-clear detail. Just look at her 3 answers.

Then let the science do it's magic.

These three common questions can help you do even more...

"You Can Also Make A Woman
Fall So Deeply In Love,
She's Hooked On You And Your Sex..."

Picture this: You meet a gorgeous woman. She's exactly "your type." She makes you laugh, she makes you smile and she satisfies your every sexual fantasy.

You date for a few months, and she's still perfect. You still have sex almost every day. You still laugh and smile together. You still are head over heels in love.

Would you ever cheat on her? Of course not! Now, if your woman was this happy and satisfied, do you think she'd ever cheat on you? Of course not!

Your girlfriend is guaranteed to stay loyal, when you use this psychology. She'll be addicted to your love. And she'll beg you for sex – the more, the better!

"This Means You Can Seduce Any Woman
You Want. All You Need To Do Is
Imagine Her, Now..."

You'll just follow the steps to turn your friend into your girlfriend (And she'll never stick you in "The Friend Zone," again)...

You'll transform your hot co worker into your sex-kitten (Even though your boss has no idea you're dating)...

The women you meet at the bar or club... Women you walk past, every day, on the street... Even your Mom or sister's friends are all - finally - "fair game," thanks to this 'loophole' in the female mind.

"And It's All Thanks To This Brand New Science. Here's How It Makes You A Happier Single Man
(Or Helps You Land A Dream Relationship...)"

Different women like different things. Yet most men – including you – use the same techniques to get different women into bed.

The fact is: Your techniques only work on a select number of women. No matter how powerful they are.

As this new science tells us, women have three crucial worries about men, dating and sex. One crucial worry for each topic.

Her "Yes" or "No" answers to three common questions – one question for each worry – are all you need to know, to tell which "type" of woman she is.

Know her type, and you know how to turn her on, what to say and how to make her come home with you. You know how to get a one night stand and even how to make her your girlfriend.

  • You'll take her breath away on your very first date.
  • You'll give her an orgasm your first time in bed.
  • You'll even keep her satisfied in a long term relationship. (These tactics reduce cheating in relationships! Studies showed record lows)

In fact, here's a taste of what you'll discover about each type of woman:

"The Bad News: Those Dirty Researchers
Kept This Extraordinary Science PRIVATE,
For Decades..."

This gang of researchers hid their discovery because it could be extremely dangerous – in the wrong hands. The good news is, they hid it in plain sight...

They published their findings in psychology books. But... instead of calling their research "Female Psychology"... They called it "Dimensional Personality Traits And The Prediction of DSM-IV." (Among other, confusing, technical names)

This way, they kept their secrets private. And away from prying eyes, like ours...

Pandora's Box Gives You Simple Steps Based On Cutting-Edge Research:

  • Trait names: A Psycholexical Study
  • Consistency and Conceptual Alternatives for Personality Theory
  • Journal of Personal Disorders
  • Marketing to Women
  • European Journal of Neuroscience 11: 1891-1898
  • Natural theories of mind: Evolution, development and simulation of everyday mindreading
  • The Big Five Personality Dimensions and Job Performance: A Meta-Analysis
  • Marketing to Women around the World
  • Perception: An Approach to Personality
  • The five-factor framing of personality and beyond: Some ruminations
  • Implicit Personality Theory and the Five-Factor Model Journal of Personality Volume 60, Issue 2
  • Journal of Neurobiology
  • Current Biology 17
  • The Academy of Management Journal
  • MBTI Manual (A guide to the development and use of the Myers Briggs type indicator).
  • Journal of Social Issues, Volume 28, Issue 2
  • Convergent and factorial validity of the 16PF and the NEO-PI-R
  • Theories of theories of mind
  • Brain 125: 1839-1849
  • NeuroImage
  • European Review of Applied Psychology
  • Handbook of personality theory and testing: Vol. 2: Personality measurement and assessment
  • Journal of Personality Disorders
  • Personality and motivation: Structure and measurement
  • Archives of General Psychiatry
  • The 16PF Fifth Edition technical manual
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Journal of Gerontology
  • The NEO Personality Inventory manual
  • Nature Neuroscience
  • Cerebral Cortex Journal
  • Journal of Personality
  • Assessment, 11
  • Neuroscientist Vol. 13, No. 6
  • Volume 1 of the Handbook of life-span development
  • Annual Review of Psychology
  • An introduction to theories of personality
  • Personality and Individual Differences
  • Sex and personality
  • The Rules: time-tested secrets for capturing the heart of mr. heart
  • Cognition
  • Cognitive Development, v10 n4
  • Mirror Neuron Systems: The Role of Mirroring Processes in Social Cognition
  • Review of Personality and social psychology, Vol. 1
  • Advances in personality assessment, Vol. 1
  • Theories of theories of mind
  • Psychoneuroendocrinology. Volume 16, Issue 4
  • Journal of Personality Assessment
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  • PLoS Biology
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  • A guide to the clinical use of the 16PF
  • Engendered Lives: a new psychology of women's experience
  • Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence
  • Sex Differences in the Brain
  • Psychological Reports
  • American Journal of Psychiatry
  • American Psychologist, Vol 61(3)
  • Personality in adulthood
  • Handbook of childhood cognitive development
  • Toward a New Psychology of Women
  • Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology
  • Trends in Cognitive Sciences. Volume 3, Issue 9
  • The Sexual Paradox: Men, Women, and the Real Gender Gap
  • EVEolution: the eight truths of marketing to women
  • Beside Ourselves: our hidden personality in everyday life
  • Sex Chromosomes and the Evolution of Sexual Dimorphism Evolution Vol. 38, No. 4
  • The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature
  • Annual Review of Neuroscience
  • Current Directions in Psychological Science
  • Journal of Marriage and Family Vol. 44, No. 1
  • 16PF Fifth Edition administrator's manual
  • The five-factor model of personality: Theoretical perspectives
  • Clinical Psychology Review
  • NeuroImage
  • Social Neuroscience
  • Cognitive Psychology Volume 8, Issue 4
  • Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
  • The BPS's journal on Occupational Testing – Selection & Development Review, SDR
  • Psychonomic Bulletin & Review
  • Masculine Instrumentality and Feminine Expressiveness: Their Relationships with Sex Role Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Unhooked: How young women pursue sex, delay love, and lose at both
  • Evidence from a Panel Study American Sociological Review
  • Dilemmas of Desire: Teenage girls talk about sexuality
  • Recurrent personality factors based on trait ratings
  • ...And More!

    "Until A Lonely Ex-Janitor Stumbled Upon This Science And Seduced HUNDREDS Of Women With It..."

    This man's name is Vin DiCarlo. And... not even a year ago, today... He "sniffed out" the secrets in these 96+ books and articles. He saw this research for what it really was: A key into any woman's fantasies about sex. And therefore, a way to get any woman into bed!

    He ran hundreds of independent "studies" on beautiful women. And the results were incredible:

  • He gets women chasing him and fantasizing about him - all from a single dinner date!
  • He escapes the friend zone by sparking gut-level attraction from women he knows... Even if they rejected him before!
  • He gets threesomes easily, and gets his girlfriends to be OK with the fact that he's dating multiple women
  • He KNOWS women... even better than they know themselves... and can seduce them even if she has a boyfriend!
  • He uses 'innocent words' to make women horny in everyday, ordinary situations... While shopping at the mall, or having coffee at the bookstore!
  • "He Took Everything He
    Discovered And Boiled It
    Down, Into A Product
    Called,'Pandora's Box'..."

    In Greek myths, Pandora's Box held secrets, plagues and demons. It also held hope for a paradise where men and women get along, together.

    Since Vin DiCarlo finally dug up the key to a woman's mind, body and heart... He felt Pandora's Box was a fitting name. You'll agree, once you unlock Pandora's Box, for yourself.

    You'll discover how to...

    "Perform Dating Miracles:
    Powerful Eye Contact...
    She Approaches You...
    One Night Stands... And MORE!"

    After you peek inside Pandora's Box, you'll know exactly what she thinks about dating and sex. You'll be able to perform dating "miracles" like the following...

    • WHICH WOMAN WILL APPROACH YOU? Take this test to find out – Step one: Guess her age. Step two: Look for this 'eye contact habit' she has. Step three: Enjoy the fireworks...
    • THE MORE SHE LIKES YOU, THE MORE SHE LIES! Women are obsessed with making a good impression. How to keep her from lying to your face while you're out on a date (HINT: It happens automatically...)
    • WANT TO KNOW HOW MANY PARTNERS SHE'S HAD? Simply look at this other number, and you've got a good guess (HINT: If she's a social butterfly, you may cringe at the results...)
    • IF YOU CAN PLAY XBOX, THEN YOU CAN TURN HER ON. Simply push these 3 buttons to make her light up like Christmas, or get her begging and moaning to take you home – right away!
    • BETTER THAN PHEROMONES! Women can "smell" this on you from miles away, and it's the easiest way to attract her, hands-down...
    • THE "COMPLIMENT SECRET" guys who are great with women use, revealed. (HINT: The look in his eyes is more important than what he says. Try thinking a positive thought, and then doing this...)
    • HOW TO STEAL A WOMAN AWAY FROM HER MAN, without needing to meet the guy. In fact, you simply add this to your conversations, behind his back, and next time they have a fight – you're in...
    • HOW TO TELL HER TYPE WITH THE "GINGERBREAD SECRET" - the quickest, easiest way to keep a conversation afloat (Plus – This tasty test tells you how to stop her from seeing other guys...)

    "Keep Your Mind From Going Blank... Ever Again!"

    You'll easily talk to any woman you want, since you know exactly what she wants to hear. You'll also be able to...

    • THE QUICKEST, EASIEST WAY TO START A CONVERSATION - How to talk to any woman you want and why this "reporters secret" may help you last longer...
    • THE SECRET REASON SHE'LL FLIRT, THEN BACK OFF REVEALED. Plus – How to keep her intrigued, so your flirting can turn into sex... or more!
    • WHAT NEVER TO DO WITH YOUNGER WOMEN. WARNING: This seems like the right idea – even your body wants it to happen – but giving in to this temptation could leave you broken hearted...
    • WHY MILLIONS OF WOMEN ARE SUFFERING FROM THE 'TOUGH CHICK CURSE', and how to break even the bitchiest woman out of her shell. Plus – Tips to have her whimpering in pleasure...
    • ARE YOU COMPETEING AGAINST HER OTHER BOYFRIENDS? The secret dating lives of this type of woman make even the biggest players pale in comparison (Avoid the trap using this strategy...)
    • WHY WOMEN SAY NO TO SEX – even though she desperately craves it. The truth that keeps her from hooking up on a date, only to go home to her "friend with benefits" (This could happen to you...)

    "Find The Perfect Woman... Break-Up Proof!"

    You'll know whether you've found "the one" on your very first date... and... She'll never cheat on you. Here are more ways Pandora's Box gives you a great relationship:

    • THE QUICKEST, EASIEST WAY TO "CHEAT PROOF" YOUR RELATIONSHIP. When you miss the "square peg" strategy, your woman is more likely to shop around for another man...
    • SHOULDER RUBS AFTER A LONG DAY and lots and lots of passionate sex... A certain type of woman loves to spoil her man emotionally, and does this to trigger "feel good" chemicals in your brain...
    • ARE YOU DATING A DOWNER? You may be surprised: Why this type of woman blames the world for her problems, and the secret to making her lighten up before she drags you down with her...
    • HOW TO TAME A WILD WOMAN, and how this simple gesture keeps strippers, bartenders and other "bad girls" from leaving you...
    • BETTER THAN PORN! Live out your wildest fantasies with this type of woman. Why her reckless sexual appetite is easy to tap and tough to tie down (Plus – How to spot this girl, even in a sea of people...)

    "Have Toe-Curling Sex... Tonight!"

    You'll have more, hotter, passionate sex with any beautiful woman you want. Thanks to these simple secrets...

    • HOW TO HAVE THE MOST INTENSE SEX OF YOUR LIFE – How this type of woman can sexually exhaust you once you get her into bed. Plus – The single most important thing you need to tell her...
    • HE MOST "TABOO" THING A WOMAN CAN DO – and why this act from a romance novel gives her the biggest orgasms possible...
    • BETTER THAN BREAKFAST! This "morning delight" keeps you looking neat and clean throughout the day, yet most girlfriends refuse to do it, because they don't feel this for their man...
    • WHY SHE'S HOT THEN COLD ONLY SECONDS APART and how to fan her flames until she's dragging you into the back of a cab (HINT: Make sure you don't do this, or you'll blow your shot to soon...)
    • THREESOMES, THREESOMES, THREESOMES! The easiest way to get her and her friend attracted to you (HINT: pick two very good friends, get one of the girls attracted to you, and then...)
    • ARE YOU SETTLING FOR SEX? Why you're leaving the best "girlfriend acts" on the table, and how to increase a woman's attraction to you beyond anything you've ever seen...

    "Best Of All, You'll Get Any Woman Chasing You For As Little As $497.00 $69.95 - Less Than The Cost Of
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    (Not To Mention: Less Than The Cost Of Two Condoms Per Weekend!)

    One year ago, you'd pay $497.00 for Pandora's Box. (And thousands of men already have) But this week only, you can open Pandora's Box for only $69.95. You'll save $330.05!

    (You'll save enough money to buy a steak dinner every night for two weeks...)

    Why only $69.95? Here's what Vin has to say:

    That's why you'll only pay $0.19 per day, when you receive all of the following:

    10 Video's (over 4 hours!) of the Pandora's Box System – all 3 questions and her Type broken down into juicy details...
    10 accompanying PDF Guides - so you can practice this system, where-ever you go...
    The FULL Version of the Profiler Quiz – which allows you to figure out her type in less than 60 seconds, with 95.6% accuracy...
    The Pandora's Box STRATEGY Guide for all 8 Types - once you take the quiz and know her type, use these step-by-step guides to get her...

    An In-Depth Video Analysis of each of the 8 Types of Women. Vin got 8 women to spill their guts about EVERYTHING. This is completely uncensored and the women reveal some shocking secrets...
    Advanced Strategies and Techniques for all 8 Types of Women. You're going to get the most advanced strategies we're using. By the end of this program you're going to put ANY GUY to shame, because you'll not only talk the talk, you'll walk the walk.

    You saw how quick and easy finding her type can be... What if it were even quicker? Even easier? Like the techniques in Speed Reading, the techniques in Speed Mindreading will help you gather an entire volume of information from her, in just about 60 seconds.
    This goes beyond her type, into her core values and what she looks for in a man, as well. Vin recorded this hour long call, and kept it as our personal handbook while we were using the Pandora's Box system. Today, the lucky first 100 men to claim their copies of Pandora's Box will discover these techniques, as well..

    ...Pandora's Box was a bargain at only $497.00. Because the research alone cost thousands of dollars. But this week only, you get Pandora's Box for just $69.95 – you save $330.05!

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    "And As A Bonus Gift, You'll Receive
    A Video Interview With Fernanda - FREE!
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    Vin's friend Brian interviewed eight different women. One for each of the 8 types of woman. Each of these women is unique. And together, they represent every type of woman alive. So you'll know everything there is to know about women, sex and dating the second you finish watching these interviews.

    You'll be amazed what women reveal, when you tell them its a scientific study. And you'll watch the first video interview as a "Thank You" present, since you've decided to open Pandora's Box.

    (You simply click "Play" on your web browser to view it)

    You'll meet Fernanda in this half hour interview. She's a gorgeous Latin girl with a fun, sensual personality. You'll hear her reveal all of the following:

    "The Letter Secret" - How to get her alone and make her fall in love without meeting her in person (This trick is a favorite in cheesy movies...)

    Five words she hates to whisper but she still says every day of her life. How to turn them against her and get her addicted to your touch...

    How to touch her to turn her on and why this part of her waist is the sexiest place to lay your hands... your fingers... your lips... (HINT: Nope its NOT the belly button)

    Better than confidence! The single most important thing she looks for, in a man...

    Main mistakes most guys make with "The Cinderella" - and how to avoid them (Avoid these mistakes and you'll capture this romantic woman at her most charming moment...)

    Her terrible, guilty secret and why this conscious killer keeps her from dating her ideal man (especially when she's busy doing this...)

    ... Plus a whole bunch more. The interview is 23 minutes long, after all.

    You'll get two weeks to watch Fernanda's interview and tell Vin what you think. You'll watch a new girl interviewed every month after that. (And you'll watch a brand new half hour segment every week)

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